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Welcome to St Barnabas Bible Church's page

Pastor’s Welcome 

Dear Friends of St Barnabas,

On behalf of everyone at our church I want to welcome you to our website. Our vision is to become a beacon church of Bible teaching and Bible living.

We aim to accomplish this by re-discovering and embracing the priorities of the early church described in Acts 2. Founded by those who were closest to Jesus during his earthly ministry, this church was a learning church (“They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching”, Acts 2:42). This is where it all starts. We too want to devote ourselves to learning what God has said through His apostles and prophets AND living it out.

Secondly, they were also a caring church (“They devoted themselves… to the fellowship”, Acts 2:42).The word in the original (koinonia) expresses the common life of believers in community. It’s talking about a commitment to living out the life of God in our relationships with each other. We want St Barnabas to be a community in which we all know and care for each other.

Third, we are told that they were a worshipping church (“They devoted themselves… to the breaking of bread and to prayer”, Acts 2:42). Obviously there is more to worship than prayer. But becoming a gospel community means we acknowledge our complete dependence on God’s grace in regular times of prayer together.

Lastly, the early church was an evangelising church (“And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved”, Acts 2:47).  Their faithful commitment to learning, caring and worshipping together produced amazing results. In spite of intense opposition, men and women heard the gospel, rejoiced to confess Jesus as Lord of their lives and joined the church.

We would love to welcome you into our church family and to join with us in realising this vision.

In Christ,

Simon Clegg



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