About Us


Who is Nemo SA?

Nemo SA is a registered None Profit Company and a Business Directory.  It is a network of like minded individuals who build associations to promote empowerment and unity in communities.  Our vision will be realised as our network grows and as individuals or companies join us.

How will we fund Nemo SA?


1.      Funding will partly be generated by selling advertising and marketing listings to SMME’s on our directory.

2.      CSI funding through Corporate Business.  

3.      Private funding and donations will be accepted and vetted before allocation.


Note: All associates will gain business exposure and will automatically become part of our Social Awareness programs. All the above will be handled with integrity.  Projects will be vetted, compliant and transparent.

       We will issue section 18a tax certificates together with detailed reporting for our projects.

How can one get involved?

Like minded people or companies can join our network in two areas:

1.  Business Network / Online Directory - Nemo SA - Network in Motion South Africa
2.  Social Awareness Network and Projects / NPC.- Nemo SA - Network in Motion Social Awareness

Individual or business associates can join our e– NETWORK by going to our domains or contacting us.

What projects are we busy initiating?

1. School Project – (Back to Basics) Watches and Shoes
2. Herb Farming - Job creation and empowerment.
3. Tilapia Fish Farming Program - Job creation, food security and empowerment.

How does the directory create revenue?

Business and individual marketing and advertising: Individuals or business creating a listing at a monthly fee or donation of R100 per month will be part of our network and will join our vision to make a difference in communities. If a company takes an advertising link with a listing they pay R200 per month. Corporate can advertise on a large advert at R500.00 per month.  This forms part of the Business Network and a percentage gets donated to the NPC.  Joining our directory is not a criteria to be part of our NPC.

For more information visit one of our domains and read our about page then contact or join us.

To contact us please send a mail to info@nemosa.co.za

Or visit us on:

Business Domains:             www.nemosa.co.za   www.nemosa.com   nemosa.net

None Profit Domains:          www.nemosa.org      www.nemosa.org.za




Founded by:  Marcel Durler on 14th February 2010. 

Network in Motion South Africa is an e-Networking business that incorporates NPOs and businesses linked together to build a brand with the vision of Unity in Communities.

It creates jobs and gives exposure to its associates.  It has been established to make a positive change or difference in South Africa leveraging off various Social Media platforms and websites to give exposure to those who network through us and to those who have not had the chance or opportunity to become part of the electronic era.  If we encounter a person/ organisation that is doing good in a community but is not registered e.g. a soup kitchen, our Business Associates (BA) can create a free listing and website and put them into a category and give them exposure through the network with the aim that another business/ organisation may offer to adopt them and provide donations to help and empower them.

The Business Network Category and the other categories will give valuable exposure through our database.  In exchange for our e-networking services, we are remunerated and a portion of the remuneration goes back into various NPO organisations of our choice.  This amounts to 10% of our income.

Marcel Durler lost his business and millions of rand’s during the recession at the end of 2009/ beginning 2010. Nemo SA was birthed through a humble experience of being taken to his knees.

Thanks:  Marcel is ever thankful and is constantly reminded of a good friend Mr Edward Beeka who helped him during this difficult and challenging time.  Edward has always believed in Marcel’s vision for Nemo SA – ‘Unity in Communities’.  Edward was the first sponsor for Nemo SA since inception.  He is the Owner of Red Security and Pro Events.  


More information can be found on our Interactive Online Directory:  www.nemosa.co.za