Our cause is to promote a positive message of Unity into Communities and create awareness for Npo and Ngo Organisations who are making a difference in South Africa and to help those who do not have the means to go online. NEMO SA was started on the 14th February 2010 by Marcel Jean Durler.

NEMO SA is looking for 100 business donors who will take a business link on our front page.  The advertising link will cost R100 or R200 depending on the size of the logo and will link directly to the company website.  The money raised from these links will be used to develop the vision of NEMO SA according to the NEMO SA vision below. 

Vision:  To create a platform consisting of individuals, business and institutions creating awareness regarding social matters and encouraging development.  By connecting with one another we can build respect and be accountable within our community.  This platform will give online convenience; exposure and networking thus generate a positive change starting in South Africa. 

NEMO SA  - School Project:  'Back to Basics' -  Teaching the value of time, manners and respect from a young age. 

 Projects / Donations:  We have donated a PBX System to Radio Atlantis and a free listing on our site.  Radio Atlantis is the Heart Beat to the Atlantis Community http://www.nemosa.co.za/listings/117 

Connected many Ngo and Npo organisations and given exposure through our Network.  We have also generated business with Business Partners.   Theme:                             ‘Together in Unity we make a difference’  

 February 2015

Welcome to our News Letter - ‘Back to Basics’

Dear Friend and Supporter  ......What’s News?

Youth & Education:

We have started a new month with excitement and expectancy.   We will be focusing on our youth and would like to give you some indication of what will be happening through Nemo SA.  This year we will be partnering with a project called ‘Our Youth’ and this is an education program for schools and education institutions.  We will be introducing the material through Nemo SA, starting the roll out at schools in Kraaifontein Cape Town.   The material is readily available however the challenge will be to raise funds to get the program started.  The program teaches values and touches on teenage pregnancy, domestic violence, drugs, alcohol and much more  ... for more into please click on this link: 


Business Category:

We are continuing to build partnerships with like minded people and would like to develop our other categories on our directory as follows, business, individuals, social awareness, spiritual leaders and unity.  We are promoting advertising spaces on our front page with links to business supporters and partners who find our vision favourable.  More information is on our about page on our website / directory.  We encourage supporters to visit various businesses listed in our directory or on our front page and make use of the services offered.  More info....  About us:  http://www.nemosa.co.za/pages/1-About-Us

Spiritual Leaders Network category:      ‘with one Accord’

This is the beginning of a new year and we have been encouraged to accelerate this year.  We have been partnering with various pastors, churches, schools and leaders in our city and would encourage a visit to our link promoting this important category.  We have some exciting free e books on the link below and we are excited to see what lies ahead this year.  It is a concern that Christianity has been taken out of our schools and therefore we encourage people to join this category and grow the word of God from our City.  We are encouraging Christians to join in Spirit to Unite and work as one.  We also have links to various daily devotionals on this link and to access Christian News through ‘Gateway News’ by the click of a mouse onto one of the logo’s.. More info.... Link:    http://www.nemosa.co.za/pages/4-Spiritual-Leaders-TOGETHER-IN-UNITY-WE-MAKE-A-DIFFERENCE-these-continued-with-One-Accord-Acts-1-vs-14


Currently we are raising money through companies sponsoring a business link on our front page or on the various categories in our directory.  More people will be reached as our funding and support grows. Nemo SA projects will have a positive impact on our youth, communities and our country at large.  We are in the process of registering a NPO and we trust that this will have a positive impact on our future resources.  All projects will be vetted and approved by our management team and we will be transparent.  Please note donations are welcome or a referral to an advertising link will be appreciated. 

Thanks for your time, support and consideration.  Please share www.nemosa.co.za

Donations:  NEMO SA  Bank Acc:  STANDARD BANK  ACC: 273606883  CODE: 031110


Contact details:  Marcel Durler 073 044 7650 or e mail info@nemosa.co.za .