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SKKA Vision

Being true to herself and remembering a promise made to God more than 40 years ago to be instrumental in children’s lives, Heather Adonis, decided to make it official and register an organisation named Smart Kingdom Kids Academy to serve children.

Growing up in the impoverished, grey and unattractive suburbs of the Cape Flats infested with numerous social ills, she has first-hand experience of the challenges a child faces on a daily basis.

Heather has been teaching children the word of God for more than 30 years in the capacity of a Sunday school teacher.

Teaching children music, vocal coaching and conducting children choir was her passion every Saturday for more than 10 years.

Smart Kingdom kid’s academy main objective is to add value to children by contributing to their holistic development.

Smart Kingdom Kids Academy focuses on the inherent creativity of each child. The foundation years is crucial to a child development. Special programmes has been development enhance the experimental learning of the young child.

At Smart Kingdom Kids we encourage children to make smart decisions in life. Smart goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.

The creative programmes include:

Music reading and instrument teaching.

Positive expression (dancing etc.)

Health and fitness

Counselling and mentoring (Healing through art)

Leadership & character building (teaching ethics, values, principles)

Feeding and clothing.

Innovate & Design

We teach children the plan God has for their lives imprinting the timeless word from scripture which forms the foundation for all our programmes and lesson plans.

We are geared towards raising a generation that knows how to make the right choices in an extremely challenged environment.

We have creative facilitators who come from the regions and overcame major trials and tribulation understands, love children and have respect for human life and are willing and able to work with children.

We want to form part of a group of activists who contribute to the solution developing the inventors, creators, leaders, innovators and decision makers of the future.

Vision statement:


Creating the opportunity for children and parents on the Cape Flats to be taught, nurtured and trained in a stream of possibilities and expose them to a “I can do it “environment.

Mission statement:

Spreading the good news, comforting and consoling the hurting. Binding the brokenhearted, proclaiming liberty to the captives.

Teaching and training the precious children the way they should go.


Building lives that will bring glory to God’s name.


We can all enjoy good success!

Be Blessed

Heather Adonis & SKKA team


Banking details:   First National Bank

                             Cheque account

                             Branch code 202209

                             Acc number 62636027923






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