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Welcome to Salem Biblical Garden's page

This garden was created to help connect you to inspiring stories from the Bible - God's Word and Manual for mankind!

We are currently busy with the construction of 12 exhibits that tell some of the most important and compelling stories from the Bible that have changed forever the lives of millions of people over thousands of years.

As you walk through the Biblical route at Salem you are taken from the marvellous story of Creation in the book of Genesis, to the inspiring stories of the Patriarch’s - Abraham, Moses and David - to the fountain of life displaying five reliefs from the Life of Jesus.

Proceed to the tranquil yet challenging scene of the cross at Calvary, where the love of God is visibly demonstrated as He gave His only Son as a once for all sacrifice for our sins.


There is much more to see and we leave the rest of your visit to the work of the Holy Spirit. Enjoy and be blessed!

Jack Carstens  (Founder of Salem Biblical Garden)


Come and see, hear and re-live passionate stories from the Bible!


Salem Biblical Garden

Rheebokskloof Rd, Agter Paarl. 
Contact: 021 5592958
email: dandj@mweb.co.za
Facebook: Salem Biblical Garden



Individuals and groups welcome. 

Picnic area provided.

Entrance is Free. Donations Welcome.


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