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Welcome, to Rev Albert Mbenga's page.

Name: Albert

Surname: Mbenga-Ukulangai

Title: Reverend

Date of birth: 23 July 1959

Town and Country of Origin: Kinshasa Capitol of the Democratic Republic of Congo

Studies: Graduated in Theology

Marital Status: Married

Contact Details:

- Tel: 021 945 4564

- Cell: 072 574 8548

- Email: almbenga@gmail.com


I have been embraced by South African hospitality when I arrived in Cape Town for the first time in November 2002. My family had joined me in January 2004. God had blessed me with two beautiful girls (twins) born in Cape Town on the 13th of February 2005. My three sons who went to a South African school at their arrival are all matriculated and are furthering their education in Cape Town. My two eldest daughters and my granddaughter joined us in 2009.

As a Spiritual Leader I am the visionary and senior pastor of Rainbow Gospel Mission, a registered community church under the name Christian Evangelical Assembly. Our congregation is a multi-racial, multi-national and multilingual community. After the request of our church The Department of Home Affairs had granted me a license as a marriage officer and commissioner of oath.

As a community leader I am a chairman and initiator of the section 21 Company named “Avenir Empowerment Centre”. Our main focus is to address the plight of the disadvantaged communities and refugees in SA in fostering integration. We are training people to become computer literate and empowering women in sewing African outfits. With the partnership of the Department of Cultural Affairs and Sports, the UNHCR and other valuable sponsors I had initiated an African Soccer Tournament hosted by Ajax Football Club in 2007 in Cape Town with the participation of 14 teams originate from all Africa countries and 2 from South Africa. The soccer tournament was presented to all African non-nationals living in South Africa to come together with their fellow brothers from South Africa under the banner of the game of soccer to learn to know each other better.

I am the visionary of the Rainbow Gospel Festival. The festival was held at the Lighthouse Auditorium in Parow on Wednesday the 27 April 2011. The Rainbow Gospel Festival was presented to allow believers to come together under the banner of unity to celebrate our Father in heaven. This is a massive gathering of God’s children from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. It is for the purpose of praise and worship in our different African Ddalects. Nine countries from Africa including South Africa have been represented with a choir under the leadership of their religious Leaders.

I am on the Visionary of Africa Revival Conference. The event will highlight reconciliation as South African religious leaders (White, Colored and Black African) will be sharing the rich experience of working together and celebrating their diversity after the apartheid era. We firmly believe that South Africa has richness and depth when it comes to UNITY. In the light of disparity, South Africans display a loyalty towards their soil. This unity defies all divergence with regards to culture and race.

By God’s favour I am always found with very influential people from all sphere like Mr. Graham Power, the initiator of the now worldwide movement of prayer named Global Day Of Prayer.

I am a proud supporter of the State of Israel and the Jewish Nation.

In His Service

Rev Albert Mbenga-Ukulangai


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