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'TOGETHER IN UNITY WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE' while creating social awareness and promoting agreement for the purpose of achieving unity.  

Unity is being in harmony or one in spirit.

The vision of Unity is to encourage all people of all denominations, nationalities, color and creeds to unite through agreement and respect.  The time has come where we need to go back to basics and realize that we need to help one another, respect, love and encourage one another. The aim is to start an open discussion, campaign where we can respect one another’s opinions and suggestions toward gaining a consensus on building a road to Unity.  We have designed a flag to represent our vision toward Unity.  Community cannot be built without Unity and unity comes from agreement therefore we need to put aside greed, fear, power and ego and work toward this great challenge starting from Cape Town, South Africa and taking up the challenge globally via our internet site www.nemosa.co.za, www.nemosa.com and www.nemosa.org. Once again please send comments via the details on our contact page.

The pictures designed for each category express a positive message in order to achieve our vision.



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