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Unity in the Body of Messiah

Can two walk together, unless they are agreed? (Amos 3:3)


We long for unity; we know that unity is strength, that God cannot bless dividedness, that a Kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. And yet what does it take for us to have unity, agreement in the Body of Messiah? To an outsider Christianity has been anything but unified and many attempts at unity have resulted in compromising principles or control and manipulation or open contention resulting in greater division.

One must be comforted by the assertion that not all that are called Christian are really Christian in the true sense. We are so often disappointed when we see the ‘so called’ Church and we want this movement to repent for that and that denomination to change its racist policy or its bigoted views etc. We are frustrated for we see the glaring need and lack as these organizations and movements have their meetings and pass their laws and bylaws, changing and rearranging constitutions and policies as we muddle along toward a hoped for place of consensus, God help us! The Tower of Babel was an attempt at unity!

One Head

For by one Spirit we were all baptized into one body—whether Jews or Greeks, whether slaves or free—and have all been made to drink into one Spirit. (1Cor 12)

The Holy Spirit has been made available to all who repent from their own way, believe that Jesus died for them was buried and rose from the dead. Who have called on His name and have been born again by the Spirit of God. His Lordship over our lives brings us into unity with others who have made Him Lord.

 Yeshua said He came to bring division on the earth but He prayed for unity among those who are called out of the world to be His own. (John 17) This division, being a natural consequence amongst those who make Him Lord and those who don’t. Our Unity will not be found by looking for agreement with one another. It is found when we are in agreement with Him who is our head.

Not Fundamentally Doctrinal, but rather relationship

We have been called to love the Lord our God with all that we are and our neighbour as ourselves, this is perfect unity. When we see ourselves fully in Him, Yeshua, who is our head, and see one another according to the Spirit and not according to the flesh. (2Cor5: 16, 17.) When love covers a multitude of sins and Jesus is lifted up high and draws all men to Him.

Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one.

The Hebrew for is one is (Echad) which is not singular as in (alone one) but rather in the sense of a unity, a multiple of one, like one bunch of grapes. Yeshua said the Father and I are one and that they may be one as we are one.There is one God but all we like sheep have gone astray we have turned each one to his own way, but the Lord has laid on Him (Jesus) the sins of us all. There can be no agreement between God and demons, in Him alone we are one. Each individual has a choice; to enter by the gate which is Messiah, or to remain outside the sheepfold. Organizations or denominations cannot become unified, either within themselves or with others. Only individuals, whether they belong to one group, organisation or denomination or the other, can become one in Messiah Yeshua with all other individuals who are born of the Spirit of God in Yeshua. Perfect love is pure doctrine and only found in Yeshua Hamashiach.

(Eph 4:11-13)

Within the Fold

It behoves us to remove and cast off those things that cause division in our hearts. Namely, fear, racial prejudices, judgements, unforgiveness, doctrinal pride, class distinction, bitterness envy and all such things.

Love, mercy, patience, forgiveness, encouragement, not keeping a record of wrongs all the gifts of the Spirit enable and empower us to keep the unity that we already have in the Spirit. The Ministry gifts build us up so that we can all come to the unity of the faith, which is, working and dwelling together perfectly in love. Our activities and meetings should be inclusive not exclusive.  We all see through a glass darkly, we know in part and are growing in the knowledge of Him who is our all in all the author and finisher of our faith. No single person or denomination has all the fullness or perfect doctrine because He has been given to us all. It is for us to love one another, encouraging each other in our most holy faith. We do not compromise but are patient with those who are weak, as others have been patient with us in Him. Our Unity is already there glorious and compelling, complete in every way we only need to walk in it in love and in the Spirit.




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