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Mr Evariste Umba was born in DRC on 1st April 1980. His both parents and 6 siblings are based in DRC/Kinshasa. He did all his schools and varsity in Kinshasa but His Master in Chemistry at University of Cape Town (2007-2011). He has attended many International Conferences, published at Carnegie3, noticebook and his work being on the headline of a local newspaper –people’s post of 14 November 2013. He has Founded in 2009 and running a NPO in Wynberg called “Life Change Ministry (090-057-NPO)” which aims to give life and hope.

Life Change Ministry (LCM)  represents today a group of Wynberg Residents who have observed since establishing LCM, a discernible distrust between the community (residents) and street people (the homeless), - exacerbated by criminality and the “sub-culture” of ‘drug lords’ and drug merchandising on our streets daily. Our organisation has launched support groups, feeding scheme (drug substitution by healthy foods), counselling sessions and skills orientation for the drug addicts and street people with aim to enable them to become more valuable in our community, decreasing criminal activity in Wynberg, placing them into shelters, coaching and reuniting them with their family.

Mr Evariste Umba believes that “a bad person can be changed into a good person” and our Society can experience “a serious transformation” through love, forgiveness and reconciliation in Jesus Christ (Matthew 27:37-39, Luke 17:3-4, 2 Corinthians 5;17-19; John 14:6; Colossians 1:27). Mr Evariste Umba dreams to create the most affordable and accessible substance abuse anti-dote based on “diets”. He is dreaming to launch a research group based on “Understanding the Chemical, Physiological and Psychological of Substance Abuse problem in South Africa”.

Dear readers, our cause needs to assistance or input from foods, clothing, blankets, computers, venues for support group & counselling, your time & skills to help us, any job offer for the most vulnerable, a spare room for the homeless and financial contribution for staff allowances. If you want to know more about us or feel to assist or join us, please contact us on following details:

507 The Oaks Court, Piers Rd, Wynberg

Telephone: 079 091 0554 / 072 481 1003               

E-mail: life.lifechange.change@gmail.com

Web: www.lifechangeministry.org.za

Facebook page: please like or follow us@ Life Change Ministry 


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