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“I will be your voice”- Mission statement

“On Saturday, 28 January 2012, Cape Town based singer, songwriter, author and motivational speaker Rozanne Visagie, composed a song dedicated to the rhino poaching cause. The process and recording of the song, aptly named "I'll be your voice" (Please see the video on You tube) 


was further inspired by Rozanne's encounter with Dr Will Fowlds, wildlife vet and trustee of the “Chipembere Rhino Foundation” and a realization that the tragedy of poaching is not purely about the effects on the animals themselves, but also on the eco-systems that the people of Africa depend on. 

After months of logistical research the "I will be your voice" campaign was born.

The organization has hosted a number of successful events including, a high tea, art exhibitions, art auctions, a Gala dinner and various outreaches at schools. The latest event was a Family day including a beach cleanup, fun walk, family games a craft market and music concert with various bands and artists in aid of the Sanwild Rhino Sanctuary, the ACVV Koeberg and the Cape Craft Centre. Funds raised have been donated to these organizations.
The first part of the campaign focused on raising awareness about the rhino issue, and  supporting the incredible work being done on anti-poaching initiatives by the 'Chipembere Rhino Foundation', which is based in the Eastern Cape. Recently the “Sanwild rhino sanctuary” in Limpopo (endangered wildlife rehabilitation) has joined the list of endangered animal beneficiaries that “I will be your voice” supports. 
Further people focused beneficiaries that “I will be your voice” supports are the “ACVV Koeberg” (community driven projects) and the “Cape Craft Centre” (Job creation and skills development).

In future the aim is to create awareness and raise funds for other endangered species, and to support projects where local communities can be assisted so that they can understand the benefits of partnering with conservation. Education is an important legacy of the project, essentially to ensure that people understand how their decisions and interactions with nature, as well as by valuing biodiversity, can create sustainable futures.

"By using music as a "voice" for the voiceless we truly hope that we can open up new horizons for the people of Africa, and that we can facilitate a platform for communication that will raise awareness of the plight of animals that cannot speak for themselves.
“I will be your voice” also aims to assist with community projects and fundraising initiatives that focus on development of skills for those members of our society who are in need of a voice.

The “Cape Craft Centre” where individuals are taught various skills and crafts in order to become self sufficient citizens of society with increased pride, hope and self respect, has been established in March 2014.
Groups are undergoing training in Blouberg, Duynefontein and Atlantis and the plan is to eventually expand countrywide. Please see more details under  the heading “beneficiaries” and  then click on “projects and art exhibitions” on this website.

Please support us in our endeavors by booking to attend the events, donating to the "I will be your voice" project, and by bidding on the exciting items that will be on auction. Please help me to be a voice” said Rozanne Visagie. "There is not a moment to waste". (17 July 2012)


I will be your voice was able to raise R103 000 in 2013 in aid of rhino conservation and other local charities who are helping the less fortunate in society. We are very grateful towards all who contributed to the cause! We invite individuals and companies to join us in 2014 and in the future to make a difference in the lives of those without a voice…Please also see letters of acknowledgement from previous beneficiaries under the heading “Beneficiaries” on this website. With your support much can be achieved!”


PRESS RELEASE: “I will be your voice’s latest beneficiary”- “ The Cape Craft Centre”


On 28 January 2012, Rozanne Visagie (singer, songwriter, author and motivational speaker) wrote and recorded a song “I’ll be your voice” in aid of rhino conservation. Later that same year, the “I will be your voice” campaign was born.

 During 2013 “I will be your voice” was able to raise R103 000   in aid of rhino conservation and local people orientated charities. (The “I will be your voice” rhino related beneficiaries are: “The Chipembere rhino foundation” and “The Sanwild wildlife trust”)

A people orientated local charity who has also benefitted from “I will be your voice’s fundraising efforts is “The ACVV Koeberg” and recently “The Cape Craft Centre” has also been added as a charity.

 These organizations are helping the less fortunate in society by means of a special school for the needs of underprivileged children, a feeding scheme and soup kitchen(ACVV) and skills development and job creation.(Cape Craft Centre)

We are very grateful towards all who contributed to the cause these past months! We invite individuals and companies to join us in 2014 and in the future to make a difference in the lives of those without a voice…

Plans for 2014:

Although Rozanne is still busy with outreaches and fundraisers at schools to create awareness for the rhino conservation cause; “I will be your voice” has also embarked on another path with a few enthusiastic and creative individuals, to form the “Cape Craft Centre”


“Cape Craft Centre”(CCC) committee:

For the interim and until the project is on its feet, Pastor Brad Espin of the AFM Blouberg has agreed to be the chairman of the working group of the CCC and also offered the committee the use of the church hall (for meetings and the initial training of the crafters) until a more permanent venue can be found.

Rozanne Visagie (Founder of “I will be your voice”) is the Vice chair and founding member of the CCC, also assisting with fundraising and marketing.

Marie van der Watt (artist from Table View) is the co-founder of the CCC and creative mind behind this organization and will assist with training and skills development.

Estelle Hardcastle fromWest Beach is a committee member of the CCC, assisting with marketing.

The CCC  is still looking for a secretary and project manager who can help with admin and assist with the recruiting of trainees and the co-ordination of the various groups.

The first committee meeting was held on 3 February and the first training session started on 9 April at the church hall of the AFM Blouberg.

 “Cape Craft Center” general aim:

The idea is to start a “Craft Centre” where people who have lost their jobs due to circumstances beyond their control, can learn skills to help them regain their self respect and become financially independent again. These include individuals who come out of rehabilitation centers, those who wish to break from a life on the streets or prostitution and anyone who has lost  hope and their jobs due to circumstances beyond their control. This training programme will be aimed at those individuals who truly want to be taught the necessary skills to once again become self sufficient and responsible citizens and better their lives by learning a new trade or skill or by re-discovering old skills.

Initial training will be given in various smalls groups e.g. at the AFM Blouberg (church hall) and in Atlantis as well as Duynefontein.

Rozanne had an interview about the “Craft Center” and general concept on RSG on Martelize Brink’s radio programme in January and the committee has since received many phone callsand messages from all over SA and met with various individuals and groups who are interested in becoming involved. If possible the concept will be developed countrywide in future.

If a suitable and more permanent venue could be found in the Table View/Westcoast area, the “Cape Craft Center” would also like to start a small organic vegetable garden and shop where craftitems that are made by trainees, as well as organic vegetables, can be sold to tourists and local visitors.

“The Cape Craft Centre” will further rely on donations and fundraising efforts and it will also be one of “I will be your voice’s” people orientated beneficiaries.

“We need to help people who have lost their jobs and hope to discover their natural God given talents and encourage them to make use of these talents and abilities to support themselves and to regain their self respect. The help and ideas of the public as well as that of local businesses, will be welcomed and appreciated” said Rozanne

If anyone in our community and the greater Cape Town can assist us with donations in the form of financial support or material or items that can be used for the making of art/craft products, a permanent venue (an old house/venue or double garage to start our training sessions) or in any other way; please contact Marie van der Watt (Founder member and committee member responsible for training) on: 071 606 4221 /mvdwatt@telkomsa.net 

A fundraising breakfast and official launch of the “Cape Craft Center”

Lorrein Katzke (Radio Tygerberg announcer is our guest speaker)

The programme will  also include, a few musical items, a short presentation about the center as well as a raffle and mini art auction of small artworks by local artists. The launch will be held at the “On the Rocks” restaurant in Bloubergstrand, on Wednesday, 27 August 2014, at 9:30. Tickets will cost R120. Some of the smaller arts and crafts, manufactured by trainees, will also be on sale. Please contact Estelle Hardcastle on: 083 281 8218/ estelleh@adept.co.za for bookings.


To contact Rozanne (Founder of “I will be your voice” and founder member of the “Cape Craft Centre”) mail: info@iwillbeyourvoice.co.za and visit the “I will be your voice” website at www.iwillbeyourvoice.co.za  for more details.




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