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We source, supply and personally deliver farm fresh, naturally grown meat (chicken, beef, lamb, pork), ostrich, venison, as well as fish, dairy, raw honey. From herbs and spices,  naturally laid farm fresh eggs,  to kombucha, dried fruit and nuts and  home made meals. We also take care of your pets with a range of DIY raw feeding and other pet products.

For your convenience we include Eco-friendly home and personal care products, heritage seeds, preserves and so much more.


Naturally raised / pasture raised chicken, beef, pork, ostrich, lamb. Fish. Pet care including Premix and DIY raw feeding products, supplements, care products. Artisanal Cheese. Cheese and butters. Raw Honey. Free-range eggs. Nut Butters. Honey Butter. Kombucha Vinegar. Certified organic nuts, dried fruits, herbs and spices (some non-organic products also available). Luxury homemade meals made from free-range and naturally grown produce. Typical farm preserves, desserts and cooking aids. Vegan and Vegetarian meals. Sauces, Stocks and supplements. Olive oil and other olive products. Certified organic coffee and tea. Moringa Leaf Powder. Kombucha and kefir. Frozen Fruit. Eco-friendly and all natural Shampoo bars, soaps and lotions. Scented vinegar, toilet fizzers and other eco-friendly home care products. We add to our list regularly, keep looking to see what’s new!


2020 was supposed to be "Our year".  David had finally found work in February, after being retrenched in August 2018. I was going to be embarking on a new career path after the hotel I ran for 12 yeas, closed down due to the owners repurposing the building.  We started this year, knowing that God had BIG things in store for us. 

Little did we know just how BIG and how our faith would be tested and grow this year!

On 11 March 2020, we embarked on our first ever overseas trip together (one that we had saved for and had been planning for a while) to visit my sister and her family in Macedonia.  What was meant to be a 3 day visit to Thessaloniki in Greece, and then a 14 day visit with my sister and then 4 month old nephew, who David had never even met, turned into a 4,5 month unplanned stay in Macedonia when COVID-19 hit, and effectively shut down the world.

Unable to earn an income in Macedonia and not being able to come home due our return flight being cancelled as a result of travel restrictions and South Africa’s borders being closed, we ended up having to use my entire retrenchment package and what little savings we had left to keep ourselves afloat while being stuck in a foreign country.  We still had to pay our bond, medical aid, and other expenses at home so that we would have something to come back to you see.

Unfortunately due to the turmoil the world found itself in, ticket prices sky rocketed for the very few repatriation flights that were offered and as we had no income and had used all our savings on bills, we found ourselves in the position where not only was it difficult to book a repatriation flight and get all the necessary permissions to come home, but we also could not afford the ticket prices.  With the help of a dear friend, a Backabuddy campaign was set up and through the grace of God and very generous friends and family, we were finally able to raise the amount required and returned to Cape Town on 23rd July 2020, and then entered a mandatory 2 week quarantine at a quarantine hotel arranged by the SA government.

We were finally released on 6th of August and then had to try and rebuild our lives.  We were now both unemployed and had no income.  I had found an online transcription site while in Macedonia and was doing some online work, but it was/is nowhere near enough to cover all our bills.

A friend, Natalya, approached me and asked me if I would like to become involved as an agent for her business Green Wagon, selling farm goods, and so, in literally one day, Green Way was born.

Not only will this generate an income for us, but we get to help the small farmer get his product out there. These people work so hard to manufacture or grow their products. They deserve recognition. They deserve to have their fabulous products out there, and you deserve having them delivered to your door. They also deserve to be paid the best prices for their products, and so we pay what they ask!

We are so excited to grow this business, while helping other small businesses out as well.  We look forward to serving you!

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