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Welcome to Fr Ralph Dehahn's page

Who is Father Ralph de Hahn?

Fr.Ralph de Hahn: born Cape Town 1928 educated in the Cape, matriculated, University studies while working as statistical Clerk for seven years, Philosophy and Theology studies in Pretoria, then to Rome(Vatican) for higher Degrees and Licentiates.  Encountered Leading figures in art, literature and missionaries, including bishop Fulton Sheen. Back in South Africa involved in parish and mission work. Called to  the United States on twenty Occasions(over 6-8months) to preach for the missions. Appeared on S.A.Radio and Television (SABC) over 18 years.  Was the chief Catechist and inspector of church schools for many years.  Has been awarded the Rotary International Medal for his work among the poor in all South Africa.  Has published his book of Poetry to aid the building of two new churches in poorer regions.  While "retired' father Ralph is daily busy with many commitments among the aged and the poor. He has a true missionary outlook.

His vision: To see all creation as beautiful, and all people, redeemed in the blood of Jesus, as sacred. All are equal in God's sight, all belong to God's family; Those who have- must share with those who have not.  Greed is our greatest sin. Love is the answer to all problems, together with Faith and Trust. But then there must flow Unity. It is only love for Jesus and for one another that will unite us. Jesus prayed  "Father, that they all  may be one in us," There is no unity outside the love of Jesus, there is no forgiveness for those who refuse to forgive. We need one another. We need to fill the world with love. Together as Christians we can conquer the world. We will -if we practise humility, daily prayer and surrender to His divine will. Humility and poverty are not weaknesses. They give us power!





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