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Welcome to Force 4 Good Somerset West's page


We would like to start by introducing ourselves. We, Philip Antonios and I, Rita, both had a life changing experience (not together or at the same time, or place), but the experience led us from religion into a personal relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ!

Since then the Lord brought us together and on a journey of faith, that involved pouring out His love and life to others. We have traveled the world in our efforts to fulfill the mission He set before us, and for the past 9 ½ years we have lived and served here in South Africa, the last several years in Cape Town. We would like to take the opportunity here to invite you to visit our website at: www.force4good-sa.com and/or our Facebook page at: “Force4Good” Family Voluntary Services NPO#: 019-673 You are also welcome to email us at: amro@post.opasia.dk should you desire to receive our newsletter directly to your inbox, or if you have questions, would like to become actively involved in our work and/or to support some of our many projects.

With kind regards,



Philip Antonios and Rita 

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