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My heart lies with helping others through sharing my expertise and gifts of healing in areas of family, individual and debt counselling.  I also have a passion to equip children with practical learning material used in the methodology of prevention is better than cure.

Over the years of experience and study I have written various books and education courses to put into schools and use for counselling.  These will now be used to make a positive impact in the lives of others.  Our service is not about money but rather about helping those who are hurting to heal and then share their healing with others.  The above will be promoted through Nemo SA who is all about empowering and equipping people for life’s journey.

To name some of my experience i am trained in the following:

Through FAMSA: 

*Stress Management

*Domestic Violence

*Trauma Support

*Couple Counselling




BMin, Hon, MA (Practical Theology {Domestic Violence and Pastoral Counselling})

– Incorporating Introduction to Psychology, Pastoral/Family Counselling and Youth/Child Ministry.


* Diploma in Management Assistant

* Diploma in Management Assistant

* Diploma in Management Assistant

Our school project material is available on this link: 




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