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Desmond Rose


He was raised on the Gold Fields in the Free State province of South Africa in a Christian home. In 1979 through various circumstances the Holy Spirit brought him from a backslidden state to rededicating his life to Jesus Christ. Soon thereafter the Holy Spirit called him into the ministry.


Through Reinhard Bonnke Desmond was given direction by the Holy Spirit to go and study (2 Tim 2:15 KJV). He made it a matter of prayer where his LORD convinced him that that was what he had to do and the needed funds would be provided. He, and his family made preparations to travel to America to study as the Holy Spirit had directed.


The Holy Spirit led him from the under graduate level all the way to accomplish his doctorate. During his education he did itinerant preaching in many churches in America over the years. He also pastored a church for eight years and did missions trips to South Africa.


It was in 2009 after a 2 week fast that the Holy Spirit led Desmond to discover three men-of-God who had had similar visions of the last harvest before the ‘Catching away’ of the Church. This impacted him so that Desmond authored a book: Write the Vision. The Holy Spirit’s mandate to Desmond was to go back to South Africa and prepare the Churches for this ‘Tsunami’ of the Spirit.


Desmond married Anne 40 years ago and they have four adult children: Elton, Aimee, Carmel and Hilary. They have one grandchild, Eden. They love Jesus and serve Him.


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Cell: +27 (72) 013-2420

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