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David and Jonathan Foundation acts as a Hub for Southern African Churches that want to partner with Messianic Congregations in Israel.  We trust that these partnerships will lead to greater understanding of how Jew and Gentile believers can be united in Christ as the “one new man” spoken about by Paul in Ephesians 2:15.

D&J will help your church to select a suitable Messianic congregation in Israel that you can partner with and with whom you can form a covenant friendship. We trust this will lead to prayer, visits, volunteer assistance and various other forms of support and engagement.

We believe that the South African Churches and Messianic Congregations can learn much from each other.  The Messianic believers come from a back-ground steeped in the Hebrew Scriptures that reflect the awe of God and the faithfulness of a Covenant-keeping God, while the Church is steeped in the grace and mercy of God as reflected in the New Testament.

Our main aim, however, is to form a network of churches that are willing to embrace their counterparts in Israel.


For a local church to establish a sustainable partnership with a congregation in Israel, we require a minimum level of commitment which entails the allocation of a person dedicated to staying in contact with the congregation in Israel.  The church will also engage in intercessory prayer and, where possible, financial support.  It would also be wonderful if the local churches can visit their partner Messianic congregation. D&J organise visits to Israel for this purpose from time to time.

It is hoped that the prayer, encouragement and financial support of local congregations will strengthen the Messianic Congregations concerned and lead to a more powerful witness to the people in the land.

The Messianic Congregations are growing in size and number in Israel and support from local churches and others worldwide is essential for their growth and ability to spread the Gospel.

You are cordially invited to contact us to become a partner in this Great Commission to the Jewish people.

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