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'Investing time and principles into Our Youth'

Nemo SA school project initiative. 

Handing out watches and shoes as part of our 'Back to Basics' school outreach program.  Every child should have a watch and a decent pair of school shoes.

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NEMO SA School Project:

The NEMO SA team would like to start and pilot a project at schools starting with grade 1- 3 children.  The project will take place in a manner that children will participate in the discussion.  The session will be interactive.

Once children begin to understand the concept of time they will realise how important it is and how important it is to respect a person’s time.  Teaching very basic principles of respect and arriving at school on time etc.

We will be putting together a talk and will present at schools starting in the Atlantis Community.

I certainly remember how proud i was when i received my first watch as a present from my parents. 

Our intention is to hand out a watch to each child and teach them the importance of basic manners, like please and thank you, which is the basic value of appreciation.

We trust that all parties who listen to this talk will gain value from the project.

The school will get a listing on the youth and education category and will get a link to this category and this will make them an e – Networking partner with NEMO SA and therefore be affiliated with us. ‘TOGETHER IN UNITY WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE’ 

Our aim is to empower unemployed teachers to participate in this project part time and they will be able to generate and income for themselves. (Get paid to present the initiative)  

PS We are looking for companies and individuals who would like to get involved with this initiative and who can sponsor watches. Participants and Sponsors will also become e -Networking partners with NEMO SA in the process. 




ESSANCE AND VISION OF THE OUR NETWORK:  To createpositive change in South Africa

Vision:     e – directory

To create a platform consisting of individuals, organisations and business who will encourage social awareness and development.  By connecting with one another we can build respect and be accountable within our communities.  This platform will give online convenience, communication exposure and e networking thus generating positive change in our South African Society.

Our Mission:  To connect with like minded people who want to encourage and give hope to those who are less fortunate.  To give back resources, time and invest positively in our communities and children through NEMO SA generated projects.  E.g.: http://www.nemosa.co.za/listings/182


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